Dr Jan-Peter Herbst

Research Supervision

Since 2021 Yan Pietrzak: Consequential Aesthetics in Modern Electronic Pop Music. A Practice-Led Study of the Physical, Metaphysical and Sociological Links between the Perceived Creative Environment and Sonic Aesthetic in Modern Electronic Pop Music, University of Huddersfield
Since 2021 Alexander Vallejo: Genre in Progressive Rock Guitar, University of Huddersfield
Since 2021 Yan Yang: Metal Music Production: Analogue and Digital Domain, University of Huddersfield
Since 2020 Eiriana Lagkouvardou: Approaches and Innovative Practices for Songwriting and Performing within a Popular Music Ensemble or Creative Project, University of Huddersfield
Since 2020 Mark Goodliff: Digital Sampling in the Post-Sampling Era. A Practice-Led Reappraisal of Attitudes and Techniques within Creative Music Production, University of Huddersfield
Since 2020 Seyed MohammedReza Beladi: Neyanban. Its Role in the Music of Bushehr, University of Huddersfield
Since 2020 Reece Cronin: Cross Culture Composition, University of Huddersfield
Since 2019 Samuel Murray: Layers of Virtuosity in Rock and Heavy Metal Guitar Performance, Falmouth University
Since 2015 Grace Healey: Gender in Alternative Rock, University of Huddersfield
2014–2020 Paul Wolinski: Decomposition Theory: A Practice-Based Study of Popular Music Composition Strategies, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download


2019-2021 Joel Felix: Diss Track, Deconstructing YouTube’s Emergent Diss Culture and Its Economic and Cultural Impact on Independent Music within the Platform, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2018-2021 James Boddington Jordan: Harmonic Structures in 21st Century Metal, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2019-2021 Reuben Swallow: Defining Consonance and Dissonance in Metal Music, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2019-2021 Yan Pietrzak: Music Collaboration in an Online Environment. Technologies, Roles and Creativity, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2019-2021 Alexander Vallejo: Development, Mechanics and Compositional Uses of Virtuosic Electric Guitar Techniques, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2019-2021 Cohen Hale: How Cocaine Influenced British Rock and Metal Culture from 1964-1980, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2018-2020 Calum Bowling: Recording Skint. How Recording with Limitations and a Low Budget Can Influence the Recording Process Between Producer and Artist, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2017-2020 Joseph Sage: The Changing Landscape of Modern Music Production. A Study into the Role of the Mix Engineer in a Changing Industry, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2017-2019 Martin Quinn: The Development of the Role of the Keyboard in Progressive Rock from 1968 to 1980. A Musicological Exploration of the Musicians and their Use of Technology, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2017-2019 Joshua Robins: Barrier Determination Framework for Video Game Analysis Regarding Users with Visual Impairments, University of Huddersfield ⇒ download
2018 Federica Kramer: Filmmusik-Didaktik für den Musikunterricht an der Grundschule. Ansätze für die Heranführung an klassische Musiks, University of Bielefeld
2017 Silvia Reichert: “Wie klingt ein Gedicht?” Zur Gestaltung eines Gruppenprozesses im Musikunterricht der Grundschule, University of Bielefeld
2017 Erwin Voth: Entwurf einer Kompetenzmodellierung zur Erarbeitung von Klanggedichten, University of Bielefeld
2017 Angelika Götz: Keine Lust auf Klassik!? Eine empirische Untersuchung der Wertzuschreibung von Grundschulkindern eines 4. Jahrgangs zu klassischer Musik, University of Bielefeld
2017 Tim Albrecht: Die Arbeitsrealität professioneller Sessionmusiker in der populären Musik, University of Paderborn; resulting publications: IASPM Journal and Finnish Journal of Ethnomusicology

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